Okayama Gasoline Generator 2.8kva Manual Start ₦ 90,900

OKAYAMA Generator is a very reliable generator its a 2.8kva generator for your home appliances it can power your household items such as fridges and freezers  but its not suitable for air conditioners  this generator have a low noise level  and consumes very less fuel its a fuel efficient generator the fuel tank capacity is 15 LITERSThis generator  is produced with Nigeria market in focus as it can work for a very long time non stop  the 15liters capacity can last for upto 16,5 hours at 50% load ENGINE MODEL; LT168F-16.5HPIgnition system : Transistor magnetoEngine Displacement: 196ccNoise LEVEL: 65dbEngine oil capacity:0.6 litersfuel tank capacity:15 liters Engine type Air cooled4stroke single cylindercontinous operating time16li 16 hours


  • 50% copper
  • 2.8kva rated output
  • low noise level
  • manual startIgnition system : Transistor magneto
  • Engine Displacement: 196cc
  • Noise LEVEL: 65db
  • Engine oil capacity:0.6 liters
  • fuel tank capacity:15 liters
  •  Engine type Air cooled
  • 4stroke single cylinder
  • continous operating time16li 16 hours

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