Nexus 1HP Split Air Conditioner + Installation Kit NX-MSAF9000CR – White.CP_MT14₦ 107,000

Experience cooling freshness every day with just a click of a button with the Nexus 1HP NX-MSAF9000CR Air Conditioner. 
Designed to make your space as cool and welcoming as possible, this split unit AC filters the air of pollutants, so you breathe in clean, fresh air, it is very effective in circulating filtered air free of dirt, dust particles, and smoke. It is suitable for use in theatres, hospitals, banks, offices and homes.
The Nexus 1HP NX-MSAF9000CR Air Conditioner has the following features:
Energy-saving compressor (up to 20%)
High airflow
100% Copper Condenser Coil 
Eco-Friendly Refrigerant (R22)
Sleep mode
Quiet operation
Hydrophilic fins
24-hour delay timer
Auto-restartNexus 1HP NX-MSAF9000CR on jumia best price nigeria

Nexus appliances are noted for durability and the brand for great after-sales services. With a vast range of homemaking products such as gas cookers, microwaves, refrigerators, water dispensers, air conditioners etc., Nexus is a leading home appliance brand that provides top range solutions at very affordable prices. 
Shop on shoppex and get the Nexus 1HP NX-MSAF9000CR Split Unit AC at the best price in Nigeria.
Key Features
+ Installation Kit
Capacity: 1HP 
Intelligent Control
Elegant and Compact
Quiet Operation
1HP Motor
Copper coil
Energy Saving A+
Strong Compressor
Removable Panel & Filter
Colour: White

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