Nexus 3 Tap Water Dispenser With LED Indicator – Green (NX103GR)CP_MT14₦ 41,000

The Nexus Water Dispenser with HOT, NORMAL and COLD water dispensing and thermo electric cooling. It comes in a lightweight design and has taps for Normal Cold and Hot Water.  Easy to clean and maintain with its easy-to-use design, it is efficient and durable. Drink healthy, Buy the Nexus Water Dispenser NX 103 GR. 

Start the day with hot water for your morning tea or coffee and chilled water from Nexus Water Dispenser. It is an essential electrical appliance you need at home, office, hotels, schools and other public places for you to get water at just a push of the button. It comes in a silver water compartment that is anti-rust with auto temperature control for both hot and cold water from the steel material. Push in the tap button to dispense you with stable chilled and hot water when it is plugged to a switch. It comes with colourful control buttons that is easy to differentiate the hot from the cold;so at just a push of the tap, you have desired choice. Stay cool at the office or at home with hygienic water that flows from the water dispenser. 

Key Features

  • ​3 Temperature Water Dispense Tap
  • Energy saving
  • Strong compressor
  • High quality steel water tanks
  • Hot and Cold water dispense taps
  • Water spill collection tray

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