Berry Fibre Pillow (Bed Pillow – Set Of 3)₦ 4,400

Our Berry Bed fibre pillow is 100% siliconized and it’s filled with 700 grams fibre.

This bed pillow is of superior quality and is designed for your absolute sleeping comfort with cotton fabric that is gentle on your skin and fibre that has no allergies.

Your sleep just got better. You can kiss that neck pain goodbye as the pillow molds the shape of your neck givng it a soft cushioning effect.

Our pillows are not only good, but they also gives you the desired result, which is sound sleep and you wake up refreshed and happy. A try will convince you. Soft pillows are a must for everyone.  And our quality fibre pillows do justice to that. There are pillows and there are pillows. Berry fibre pillow from pillow factory are quality, affordable,  and comfortable for your use. Suitable for both children and adult.

You save 300 naira  if

  • Great value for money
  • Soft
  • Superior quality
  • Skin-Friendly cotton fabric
  • No allergies
  • Luxurious feeling
  • No neck pain
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable

you buy 3.

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