Meaning vs Atheism: can science fiction bridge the gap?

Science fiction is a strange beast. A exploration of the hard edged future of science and technology, fused with the transcendent hunger for imagination and self-transformation. Can science fiction be a bridge between the two “non-overlapping magisteria” of Science and Religion? This episode of the Science Fiction podcast is a crossover with my series commenting on the “Intellectual MMA” of YouTube philosophy. The Four Horsemen of Atheism – Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett VS The Four Horsemen of Meaning – Jordan Peterson, Jonathan Pageau, John Vervaeke and Bishop Barron. Who is who? And who won? 00:00 Science fiction bridges religion and science 01:04 What happens when Science meets Fiction? 02:21 The era of Intellectual MMA 03:43 Horsemen of Meaning vs Horsemen of Atheism 05:09 The rise of the YouTube intellectual 07:19 Which Horseman is which? 12:01 The Meaning Crisis 14:58 The problem of Self-Deception 20:52 So…who won? 22:12 We need a participatory philosophy 24:59 Religious dogma? BAD! Religious debate? GREAT!

Meaning vs Atheism: can science fiction bridge the gap?

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