Calgary’s third COVID-19 pandemic state of local emergency to expire

Three months after declaring one, the City of Calgary will be allowing the state of local emergency (SOLE) to expire on Dec. 2. The SOLE was declared on Sep. 3, following an unprecedented surge in COVID-19 cases driven by the Delta variant. At the time, city officials told the emergency management committee the SOLE was needed to give city agencies enhanced nimbleness for tasks like procurement and rapid testing. [readmore label=”Read more: ” link=”” /] “Once those powers are no longer needed, there’ll be no need for the state of local emergency,” then-mayor Naheed Nenshi said at the time. A news release from the city on Tuesday said those powers are “no longer deemed necessary.” “Most Calgarians have rolled up their sleeves to protect themselves, their loved ones and their community from the pandemic with 88 per cent of Calgarians aged 12 and older now fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and the vaccination for children aged 5-11 underway,” Chief Susan Henry of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) said in a statement. [tp_video id=8406556] According to provincial data, 18,417 children aged 5 to 11 received their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine over the first weekend they were available to that age cohort. The CEMA chief urged continued caution with the pandemic despite recent downward trends in cases and hospitalizations. The city’s mask and vaccine passport bylaws remain in place, even after the SOLE expires. [readmore label=”Read more: ” link=”” /] Mayor Jyoti Gondek said those are instrumental to continued economic activity. “With the increase of vaccinations and the continued use of masks in public settings, we have been able to keep businesses and our economy open,” Gondek said in a statement. “Calgarians must remember the pandemic is not yet over and we must remain vigilant. “Please continue to wear your masks and get yourself and your kids vaccinated.” [tp_video id=8408878] Calgary’s previous pandemic-related SOLE was lifted on June 14 after being declared on Nov. 25, 2020. Another SOLE was declared at the beginning of the pandemic and was in place from March 15, 2020 to June 12, 2020.

Calgary’s third COVID-19 pandemic state of local emergency to expire

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