Casa AVR-Pro 1.5hp Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Wall Mount) ₦ 23,000

This device is specifically designed for your 1.Horse power or 1.5Horse power Airconditioner. Although, not for airconditioners only. It c can conveniently take a 1.5 Horse power AC at 140V or higher and also your 1.0 Horse power AC at 110V or higher. 
simply Protect your valuable equipment from Damage caused by power fluctuation. This piece of equipment’s’ Output provide enough energy to power and protect your AC and any of your household electrical/Electronic devices such as Television, Refrigerator, Home Theatre, Satellite Television, Fans, Lights, Computers, Photocopier CCTV etc.Kindly ensure NEVER to over load the unit so as not to lead to an immediate damage. It is not designed for more than one Air-conditioner at a time.

  • Home Appliances
  • Coumpter
  • Office equipment
  • Test equipment
  • Light system
  • Safety alarm system
  • Medical equipment
  • Copymachine
  • Numerical control machine tools
  • Industrial automation equipment
  • Color and drying equipment
  • Hi-Fi equipment

For all other items you might need at any time, kindly call us on 08034011547


  • wide Input Voltage 110V-280V
  • Power Consumption 2000W
  • Durable relays with zero-Cross switching technology
  • Digital display with large icons
  • 110V assist output
  • Stability selection buttons
  • Resettable circuit breaker
  • Digital Monitoring using the LCD display
  • Wall Mouted and beautiful  design which add to the aisthetic of the Enviroment
  • Advance and precise Output Voltage Regulat

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